All Rights Reserved. � ����E��8���؜?� A� �>� ������J� ‡P� ��J~�?�T�%�C������7�w��?�u�� "�� ���� C���:�� �h��/�}�'� �����?h�*���?���ҟ��?�_�P��r��� �M�]� ���_�y� ȴæ�.� ������ �Z>��� �A���� ��#���iO����į�(u�9G�4��� EO�W�:�� ������c�W�^�-�鿋��1�+� �?����� ��bp� ���w�S��� ���+� Jun 7, 2019 Wayne Phillips of Wayne's Trains drives a group of visitors on a tour around Rolater Park and the city's iconic cave at last year's Cave Spring Arts Festival. � ����E��8���؜?� A� �>� ������J� ‡P� ��J~�?�T�%�C������7�w��?�u�� "�� ���� C���:�� �h��/�}�'� �����?h�*���?���ҟ��?�_�P��r��� �M�]� ���_�y� ȴæ�.� ������ �Z>��� �A���� ��#���iO����į�(u�9G�4��� EO�W�:�� ������c�W�^�-�鿋��1�+� �?����� ��bp� ���w�S��� ���+� Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Show, Nature Exhibit with demonstrations. � ����E��8���؜?� A� �>� ������J� ‡P� ��J~�?�T�%�C������7�w��?�u�� "�� ���� C���:�� �h��/�}�'� �����?h�*���?���ҟ��?�_�P��r��� �M�]� ���_�y� ȴæ�.� ������ �Z>��� �A���� ��#���iO����į�(u�9G�4��� EO�W�:�� ������c�W�^�-�鿋��1�+� �?����� ��bp� ���w�S��� ���+� Great event for entire family. The Chiaha Harvest Fair celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2014, reveling in a rich tradition of bringing together many talented artisans and craftsmen from the Rome/Floyd County region, and beyond, for a wonderful Fall weekend festival with the goal of raising money to support local art efforts throughout the year. Related Pages. C� �Q� )�@� �S��� ��� �+�/�t������ �ן��G�:o���~ Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. See more of Cave Spring Arts Festival on Facebook. Creativity abounds as hundreds of artists and craftsmen gather to demonstrate and sell their work. We are excited about this opportunity for our community! This is a perfect time to visit the gardens as many of the over 3,500 rhododendrons and wildflowers are in … var username = "info"; A toe-tappin’, cider-sippin’, fun-for-everyone arts festival. Get a head start on your gift list and enjoy the Christmas shopping experience of the season. 9 days of family fun. Cave Spring Arts Festival June 13 & 14, 2020 Sponsored by the Cave Spring Historical Society since 1975 Arts & Crafts Vendor Registration Form Registration Deadline April 30, 2020 - $40 Late Fee Name: Business Name: Address: Email: City: State: Zip: S M L XL XXL Telephone Numbers: Home Cell Rolater Park, Looking for Vendors and Corporate Sponsors Now. The Annual Cave Spring Art Festival will return to Rolater Park in Cave Spring on Saturday for its 42nd year, and is bringing a few new additions to this year’s festivities. September 5th & 6th 2020. Vendors restricted from selling seafood. SPRING 2019. C� �Q� )�@� �S��� ��� �+�σ?�O?�����7�u��iZ���è�\���L����捈��һo�t������ �ן��^lqX�%%KF}�L�"�9R�����Ֆ�n|;� )�@� �S��� ��� �(� ������J� ‡P� ���:o���~ � ����E��8���؜?� A� �>� ������J� ‡P� ��J~�?�T�%�C������7�w��?�u�� "�� ���� C���:�� �h��/�}�'� �����?h�*���?���ҟ��?�_�P��r��� �M�]� ���_�y� ȴæ�.� ������ �Z>��� �A���� ��#���iO����į�(u�9G�4��� EO�W�:�� ������c�W�^�-�鿋��1�+� �?����� ��bp� ���w�S��� ���+� Gift Shop. Since 1986, the show has been one of Calgary’s premier holiday shopping events – an annual tradition where visitors can meet passionate creatives in person, hear their stories, and feel their works first-hand. Cave Spring Ga Cave Spring Car Show Cave Spring Baconfest Cave Spring Motorcycle Rally & Music Fest Cave Spring Pigout Cave Spring Ghost Tours Cave Spring Art Festival Cave Spring Fireworks Small Town Christmas in the Country Cave Spring Riding History And Ghost Tours Rolater Park 411 … Create New Account. See more of Cave Spring Arts Festival on Facebook. ... Forgot account? The Peddler. Check out our many free attractions… seminars, how-to demos, make ‘n takes and mini workshops are FREE* with admission. �� � w !1AQaq"2�B���� #3R�br� Chestatee Artists presents the 6th Dahlonega Arts & Wine Festival, May 15 & 16, in the heart of the North Georgia Mountains.The Historic Downtown square will feature quality arts & crafts, live jazz music and wine tasting from local and regional wineries in our Wine Garden. � ����E��8���؜?� A� �>� ������J� ‡P� ��J~�?�T�%�C������7�w��?�u�� "�� ���� C���:�� �h��/�}�'� �����?h�*���?���ҟ��?�_�P��r��� �M�]� ���_�y� ȴæ�.� ������ �Z>��� �A���� ��#���iO����į�(u�9G�4��� EO�W�:�� ������c�W�^�-�鿋��1�+� �?����� ��bp� ���w�S��� ���+� C� �Q� )�@� �S��� ��� �+�/�t������ �ן��G�:o���~ Family festival. //-->, Copyright © FestivalNet 2020. $4�%�&'()*56789:CDEFGHIJSTUVWXYZcdefghijstuvwxyz�������������������������������������������������������������������������� ? �� � } !1AQa"q2���#B��R��$3br� Cave Spring Art Festival Cave Spring Fireworks Rolater Park 411 Yard Sale Cave Spring Fall Car Show Cave Spring Fall Festival Cave Spring Motorcycle Rally Vendor App LETTER TO VENDORS Small Town Christmas in the Country Sat. Cave Spring, GA,